Scanning Solutions

SULECO's Advanced Scanning Solutions for Informed Decision-Making

SULECO offers cutting-edge scanning solutions, specializing in LiDAR technology integrated with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) capabilities. Our terrestrial laser scanning services provide high-precision data collection for various applications, including infrastructure assessment, urban planning, and environmental monitoring. Additionally, our airborne LiDAR solutions offer comprehensive coverage and detailed 3D mapping of large areas, facilitating efficient data capture for terrain modeling, forestry management, and land development projects. With advanced scanning technologies and expertise, SULECO delivers accurate and reliable data for informed decision-making across diverse industries.

Scanning Solutions

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Next-Gen Scanning Solutions From SULECO

SULECO offers state-of-the-art scanning solutions equipped with LiDAR and SLAM technologies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in data collection. From terrestrial laser scanning to airborne LiDAR, SULECO provides a wide range of scanning solutions tailored to diverse project requirements, whether for land-based or aerial surveys.

With years of experience in the geospatial industry, SULECO boasts a team of seasoned professionals who possess the expertise to deliver high-quality scanning results for various applications. SULECO understands that every project is unique, which is why they work closely with clients to tailor scanning solutions that meet their specific needs and objectives, ensuring optimal outcomes and client satisfaction.

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SULECO’s cutting-edge scanning solutions revolutionize the surveying industry by offering unparalleled precision and efficiency. Leveraging advanced technologies like LiDAR and SLAM, our solutions enable highly accurate and detailed data capture for a wide range of surveying applications. From terrestrial laser scanning for topographic mapping to airborne LiDAR for large-scale terrain analysis, our scanning solutions empower surveyors to streamline their workflows and achieve superior results. With SULECO’s expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, surveying professionals can tackle complex projects with confidence and precision, driving innovation and progress in the industry.


SULECO’s scanning solutions are at the forefront of transforming agriculture with drone-mounted LiDAR scans. By leveraging advanced aerial scanning technology, we provide comprehensive data capture of agricultural landscapes, enabling farmers to gain valuable insights into crop health, soil composition, and terrain characteristics. Our drone-mounted LiDAR scans offer high-resolution, three-dimensional maps of agricultural fields, allowing for precise analysis and optimization of farming practices. From identifying crop stress to mapping drainage patterns, our scanning solutions empower farmers to make data-driven decisions that increase productivity and sustainability in agriculture.


SULECO’s scanning solutions revolutionize construction projects with advanced terrestrial LiDAR scanning technology. Our expertise in LiDAR-based scanning enables precise and efficient data capture of construction sites, delivering high-resolution 3D models and point clouds for accurate as-built documentation and monitoring. From building facades to interior spaces, our scanning solutions provide detailed insights into project progress, enabling construction teams to detect and address issues early, optimize workflows, and improve project outcomes. With SULECO’s scanning solutions, construction companies benefit from enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved project management throughout the construction lifecycle.


SULECO’s scanning solutions are revolutionizing infrastructure management by providing advanced 3D scanning technology for various applications. From bridge inspections to road condition assessments, our scanning solutions offer high-resolution data capture that enables precise asset monitoring and evaluation. By utilizing LiDAR and photogrammetry techniques, we deliver detailed 3D models of infrastructure assets, allowing engineers and planners to make informed decisions for maintenance, repair, and expansion projects. With our scanning solutions, infrastructure stakeholders can streamline asset management processes, improve safety, and extend the lifespan of critical infrastructure assets.

Natural Resources

SULECO’s scanning solutions extend to natural resource management, where airborne LiDAR scanning plays a pivotal role in environmental conservation efforts. Our expertise in airborne LiDAR technology enables comprehensive data collection in coastal areas, supporting initiatives led by the Coastal Conservation Department. By conducting airborne LiDAR scans, we generate highly detailed 3D models of coastal landscapes, facilitating accurate assessment and monitoring of coastal features and habitats. Additionally, our scanning solutions contribute to wildlife conservation projects, collaborating with authorities to conduct surveys and gather essential data for biodiversity monitoring and habitat preservation. With SULECO’s scanning solutions, environmental organizations gain valuable insights to inform conservation strategies and safeguard natural resources for future generations.


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Key Apsects of SULECO Research and Education

GNSS Short Courses

  • Elevate Your Skills with SULECO’s Certified Training 
  • SULECO offers specialized short courses on GNSS technologies, featuring certified training on leading brands like Leica and Stonex. Participants gain hands-on experience in post-processing software, mastering essential techniques for data analysis and interpretation. 

Drone Training Courses

  • Elevate Your Drone Expertise with SULECO’s Certified Training 
  • Our courses cover everything from basic drone operation to advanced aerial surveying techniques, ensuring participants are well-equipped to harness the full potential of UAV technology. Led by industry experts, these courses combine theoretical insights with hands-on practical sessions, allowing participants to gain valuable experience in real-world scenarios. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drone pilot, our training programs cater to individuals at every skill level, providing a pathway to success in the exciting world of aerial exploration and data capture.

LiDAR Post Processing Course

  • Mastering Geospatial Insights with LiDAR360
  • SULECO presents an exclusive LiDAR Post Processing Course featuring GreenValley International’s cutting-edge LiDAR360 software. This immersive program equips participants with the essential skills and techniques required to process LiDAR data effectively and efficiently. Led by industry-leading experts, the course delves into the intricacies of LiDAR data manipulation, point cloud analysis, and 3D visualization using LiDAR360’s powerful tools and functionalities. 

Research Publications

  • SULECO’s Research Insights and Innovations
  •  Supplying a range of cutting-edge technologies and equipment tailored to the construction industry’s specific needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity on-site.

A Novel Approach for Rice Yield Estimation through Crop Surveying of Paddy Using UAV Multispectral Imaging


Assessment of CORS Real-time Kinematics (RTK) Measurements on Geodetic GNSS Receiver and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in Sri Lankan Survey Perspective


Scanning Solutions


What scanning technologies does SULECO offer?

SULECO provides a range of scanning solutions, including terrestrial LiDAR, and drone-mounted LiDAR scanning technologies, catering to various project requirements and environmental needs.

SULECO’s scanning solutions are highly accurate, capturing detailed 3D models with precision down to centimeter-level accuracy. Our advanced scanning technologies ensure reliable data collection for a wide range of applications, from infrastructure development to environmental monitoring.

Yes, SULECO offers comprehensive support for data processing and analysis. Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art software tools to process raw scanning data, generate detailed point clouds, and perform advanced analysis to extract valuable insights for decision-making and planning purposes.