Where Vision Meets Precision: Unleash Possibilities with SULECO's Surveying

SULECO’s Survey Project Division comprises a skilled and diverse team equipped with cutting-edge technology from renowned brands like Leica Geosystems, Stonex, Topcon, and DJI. Specializing in various surveying applications, from topographic surveys for construction to hydrographic surveys for water bodies, the division delivers accurate and reliable data to clients. With a focus on innovation, the team addresses practical challenges in the field, ensuring they remain at the forefront of advancements. Continuous training and professional development underscore their commitment to excellence, providing clients with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to their needs.


Why SULECO for the surveying?

Pave the Way for Precision and Progress

Whether it’s conducting topographic surveys for construction projects, hydrographic surveys for water bodies, or geospatial analysis for urban planning, the SULECO Surveying Division is equipped to handle projects of varying complexities.Our team is committed to providing innovative solutions that address practical issues in the field when performing surveying. This dedication to innovation allows SULECO to stay ahead of the curve and provide its clients with the most advanced and efficient surveying solutions available.

Key Apsects of SULECO Surveying

Land Surveying

Precision in Every Plot with SULECO's Land Surveying Excellence

SULECO excels in land surveying, utilizing cutting-edge technology and expert personnel to deliver precise and comprehensive results. From topographic and boundary surveys to construction surveying assessments, our team’s dedication to innovation ensures accuracy and efficiency in every project.


Hydrographic Surveying

SULECO's Hydrographic Surveying Expertise

SULECO’s hydrographic surveying services provide essential insights into underwater terrain, crucial for maritime engineering projects like dock and bridge construction. With a skilled team and specialized equipment including hydrographic survey boats and echo sounders, we collect precise data on underwater topography. Advanced software processes this data into detailed 3D models, empowering engineers to design safe and sustainable maritime infrastructure.

Aerial Surveying

Unlocking Insights from Above: SULECO's Advanced Drone Surveying Solutions

SULECO’s drone surveying team comprises skilled pilots utilizing cutting-edge drones to capture precise environmental data. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, LiDAR sensors, and thermal imaging technology, they generate detailed 3D models of terrain and structures. This data aids in land use planning, disaster response, and infrastructure design. Committed to innovation, SULECO collaborates with experts to continually enhance data quality and develop tailored solutions for diverse projects and industries.

LiDAR Solutions

SULECO Harnesses LiDAR Innovation for Enhanced Data Insights

Leveraging LiDAR technology, SULECO captures intricate three-dimensional data with unprecedented precision, revolutionizing industries from land surveying to urban planning. Our comprehensive approach transforms raw LiDAR data into actionable insights using advanced post-processing techniques through LiDAR360 and DJI Terra software. From terrain models to volumetric measurements, our solutions empower informed decision-making, setting new standards in data quality and resource allocation. With SULECO’s expertise, industries navigate complexities with confidence, unlocking a new era of success



How does SULECO utilize surveying in its projects?

SULECO employs surveying extensively in its projects to ensure accurate land measurements, property boundary identification, and elevation level determination. This data is crucial for effective site planning and infrastructure design, aligning with regulatory standards and client requirements.

SULECO upholds stringent quality control measures, employing licensed surveyors and leveraging cutting-edge equipment from reputable brands like Leica Geosystems and Stonex. Our team adheres to industry best practices to conduct surveys meticulously, delivering reliable and precise data consistently.

SULECO utilizes a diverse range of surveying equipment tailored to project-specific needs. This includes total stations, GNSS receivers, drones equipped with LiDAR and photogrammetry capabilities, and ground-penetrating radar systems. Our selection ensures optimal performance and accuracy across various surveying tasks.

SULECO leverages surveying data to support urban planning initiatives and environmental management efforts. By assessing land use, identifying environmental risks, and facilitating infrastructure development, we contribute to sustainable urban growth and environmental conservation

SULECO prioritizes ongoing training and development for its surveying team, fostering expertise in the latest technologies and methodologies. Additionally, we maintain strategic partnerships with leading technology providers and actively engage in industry events to remain abreast of emerging trends and innovations in surveying technology.