Unveiling Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow's Builders

As a trusted partner in the construction industry, SULECO is at the forefront of providing high-end equipment solutions for critical infrastructure projects across the nation. From expansive highway developments to the futuristic Port City initiative, and from intricate mining operations to the construction of vital tunnels, SULECO’s premium equipment plays a pivotal role in shaping the infrastructure landscape of Sri Lanka.

Suleco - Construction

Why SULECO for construction?

Revolutionizing Constructions

SULECO is the go-to partner for construction endeavors, offering top-tier equipment solutions for crucial infrastructure projects across Sri Lanka. We prioritize innovation and excellence, providing advanced tools like precision surveying instruments and state-of-the-art materials testing equipment. Our commitment to quality extends to supporting essential projects like runway and expressway constructions through our Material Testing Laboratory. With SULECO, construction companies and contractors can confidently tackle even the most challenging projects, driving progress and development nationwide.

Key Apsects of SULECO Construction

Aerial Inspection

Utilizing advanced drone technology

Utilizing advanced drone technology for comprehensive aerial inspections, providing crucial data for project planning and monitoring.

Material Testing Laboratory

State-of-the-art facilities and expertise

Offering state-of-the-art facilities and expertise for testing construction materials, ensuring adherence to quality standards and durability.

Aerial Inspection

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Providing precision surveying projects with equipment and services for accurate land measurements, layout, and mapping, essential for construction projects.

High-End Tech:

Supplying a range of cutting-edge technologies

Supplying a range of cutting-edge technologies and equipment tailored to the construction industry’s specific needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity on-site.



What types of construction projects does SULECO cater to?

SULECO serves a diverse range of construction projects, including highway development, port infrastructure, mining operations, and tunnel construction, among others.

 SULECO operates a state-of-the-art Material Testing Laboratory, equipped with advanced technology and staffed by experienced professionals, ensuring rigorous testing and adherence to quality standards.

Our aerial inspection services provide a bird’s-eye view of construction sites, offering crucial data for project planning, progress monitoring, and site analysis, enhancing efficiency and safety on-site.