Empowering Sri Lanka's Utilities

SULECO has made significant contributions to the utility sector through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. Collaborating with key entities such as the Ceylon Electricity Board, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, and National Water Supply and Drainage Board, we have played a pivotal role in enhancing infrastructure and service delivery. Our surveying expertise has been instrumental in projects related to sewage drainage and city planning, ensuring efficient and sustainable urban development. Additionally, our training programs cater to professionals in the utility sector, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to address contemporary challenges and drive progress in their respective fields.


Why SULECO for the Utility Sector?

Empowering Utilities: Shaping Tomorrow's World

In the realm of utility infrastructure, SULECO spearheads transformative projects aimed at enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and reliability across various sectors. Collaborating closely with esteemed partners such as the Ceylon Electricity Board, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, and National Water Supply and Drainage Board, SULECO is engaged in a diverse array of initiatives. From advanced surveying endeavors to comprehensive city planning projects, our team employs cutting-edge technologies and expertise to address the evolving needs of the utility sector.


Research and Education

How does SULECO ensure accuracy in utility infrastructure surveying projects?

SULECO employs state-of-the-art surveying equipment and advanced geospatial technologies to ensure precision and accuracy in utility infrastructure mapping and surveying. Our team of experienced professionals undergoes rigorous training and follows industry best practices to guarantee reliable and high-quality results.

Yes, SULECO offers customizable training programs tailored to the specific needs and requirements of professionals in the utility sector. Whether it’s enhancing skills in surveying techniques, mastering the use of geospatial software, or understanding the latest advancements in utility infrastructure management, our training programs are designed to empower professionals with practical knowledge and expertise.